songs about being sad

by sivvy t

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musically shouting into the void


released September 17, 2015



all rights reserved


sivvy t North Carolina

lonely girl who sings by herself

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Track Name: rheumy a
i'm sitting in my bed
and my whole body aches
my joints creak
i can't walk right much less do the stairs
but my heart it beats
and i'm here for now
and i know i'm gonna be okay even if i'm not really sure how
and if some days i wanna die that a normal thing
cause other days i don't
and you know we all have our ups and downs
and everyone at school whispers about me, how i haven't showered in weeks and have seen what i'm wearing
but i don't care no i can't care anymore
the things that used to get under my skin aren't quite sub q anymore
that's a medical term i learned a couple months ago when i got my first shot, after i started taking prednisone
but nothing works and i'm still in pain
so i sit in bed and wait for it all to go away
but my heart it beats and i'm here for now
and i'mm gonna be okay even if i'm not entirely sure how
Track Name: pick up pick up pick up
it looks hot outside because the sun is shining but it's actually quite cold
i look fine because i'm smiling but all i want is for you to hold me in your arms
and tell me we'll be fine
no matter what happens
no matter what drugs i'm on or what weird things i say in my sleep tonight
so hold me now as the sky grows dark
just hold me now don't let love tear us apart
just hold me now
you're all i need
so hold me now and let me drift off to sleep
just hold me now
hold me now
tell me we'll be fine
Track Name: almighty grl
i can't stay home all by myself
they're so scared
i'll steal the whiskey on the second shelf
but do they know how i sneak out at night
smoking packs and packs of marlboro lights
and they're so scared coz it's a cruel cruel world
but don't they know i'm an almighty kind of girl
i talk and flirt with empty headed guys
i love the ones with circles round their eyes
and it's not fun crying all alone
so i go out into a world that's not my own
and it's not cool to live the life i do
but here i am and so are you
and they're so scared and so am i
after all who's ever looked into a girl almighty's eyes
are they there has she got eyes at all
are they blue or brown nobody is quite sure
you build her up just to knock her down
it's a cruel cruel world
even for almighty kind of girls